Why a Maxi Cab by Maxi Taxi Services is the Best Way to Travel in Perth

Perth is a sprawling city with many different neighborhoods, attractions, and amenities spread out over a large area. Getting around can be challenging without a car. Renting a car or taking Uber for every trip can get very expensive. Public transportation like buses and trains do not go everywhere and can involve long wait times. So what is the best transportation option in Perth that is convenient, comfortable and affordable? The answer is booking a maxi cab from Maxi Taxi Services.

Maxi Taxi Services provides maxi cab transportation all across Perth and to the airports. A maxi cab can fit up to 13 passengers, so it is perfect for group airport transfers or moving a large family. Our maxi cabs come in sizes for 8, 12 or 13 passengers. With maxi taxi transportation from Maxi Taxi Services, you get the convenience of point-to-point transport with the comfort and affordability of a shared ride. Here are some of the biggest benefits of booking a maxi cab for your transportation needs in Perth:


You can be picked up and dropped off wherever you need. No more lugging luggage long distances to bus stops or train platforms. No more waiting around for the next bus or train to arrive. Maxi Taxi Services provide on-demand maxi taxi service. Our maxi cabs can pick you up right at your home, hotel or office. Just make a booking online or over the phone. Our professional drivers will arrive at your location at the scheduled time. This saves you time and hassle.

The drivers know the city very well. They can find the most efficient routes so you spend less time in traffic. No worries about getting lost or mixed up on public transport. The drivers track your flight, so they are waiting when you walk out of the airport terminal. It is the most convenient and stress-free way to get around Perth.


Our Maxi cabs provide a high level of comfort for traveling around the city. You avoid packed buses and trains. Our 8 Seater maxi cabs, 12 seater maxi cabs and 13 seater maxi cabs are spacious and air-conditioned. You have ample room to stretch out and relax as you ride. The seats are cushioned for a smooth, comfortable trip.

The drivers safely navigate the roads of Perth so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. They properly secure luggage and wheelchairs to keep everything safe during transport. Maxi Taxi Services aim to provide top-notch hospitality from pick-up to drop-off. Traveling by maxi cab is a comfortable, enjoyable experience.


Sharing the ride in a maxi cab keeps the cost down versus taking an entire sedan yourself. The perth maxi cab fares are very reasonable for groups of 4-13 passengers. With Maxi Taxi Services, you know the fare upfront when you book online or over the phone. There are no surprises or price surging like with rideshares. Even traveling alone, the maxi cab rates are comparable or cheaper than Uber. Split among friends, family or colleagues, the shared maxi taxi transport becomes a very affordable option around Perth.

Airport Transfers

Maxi cabs are an excellent transportation choice for Perth Airport (PER). A complete nightmare is navigating to the airport by public transport with piles of luggage. Uber costs a fortune for the long ride to/from PER. Maxi Taxi Services provide seamless airport transfers in spacious maxi cabs.

No more paying for parking at the airport. The drivers meet you right outside the terminal for a smooth pick-up. They arrive on time, tracking your incoming flight. On departure from Perth, schedule a maxi cab for ease getting to the airport. Enjoy the spacious ride and avoid the parking fees. Maxi Taxi Services offer affordable rates for airport maxi cabs carrying 1-13 passengers.

Group Transportation

For moving a group around Perth, you cannot beat a maxi cab. Get the whole family to a wedding or event together in a 12 seater maxi cab. Take your sports team to an away game in a 13 seater maxi taxi. Gather colleagues for a shared business trip to the airport or conference. The maxi cabs provide plenty of room for groups up to 13 to travel together.

It is more affordable to share one maxi cab than taking multiple sedans or Ubers. Maxi Taxi Services make it easy to book a maxi cab for your tailored group size. No need to reserve multiple cars and split up. Keep the entire group together in a comfortable maxi taxi from Maxi Taxi Services.

Wheelchair Accessible

People with disabilities can book a wheelchair accessible maxi cab to accommodate their mobility device. We have wheelchair accessible maxi taxis in Our fleet. The drivers are specially trained to provide assistance and properly secure wheelchairs for transport. Now people with limited mobility can share rides and split fares with a group.

The spacious wheelchair accessible maxi cabs allow the wheelchair to maneuver and rotate inside. Disabled passengers avoid cramped public transport and costly special transportation services. Maxi Taxi Services open up group transportation in Perth to those requiring wheelchair accessibility.


Why Maxi Taxi Services?

With so many transportation options in Perth, why should you book a maxi cab with Maxi Taxi Services? Here are the top reasons to choose us as your provider:

  • 24/7 service – Book online or by phone any time of day or night
  • Experienced drivers – Professional, uniformed drivers with extensive knowledge of Perth
  • On-time arrival – Maxi cabs arrive at the scheduled pick-up time
  • Comfortable, clean vehicles – Modern, well-maintained maxi cab fleet
  • Seamless airport transfers – Efficient transportation to/from PER
  • Group rates – Affordable pricing for sharing rides
  • Online booking – Easy-to-use website to book your ride
  • Premium support – Excellent customer service team ready to help
  • Satisfaction guarantee – Refunds if you are not 100% satisfied

For all your transportation needs around Perth, Maxi Taxi Services is the premier choice. Our spacious, comfortable maxi cabs provide convenient, affordable service exactly when and where you need it. Avoid the hassles of navigating public transport or paying premium rates for solo rides. Maxi Taxi Services offer the ease and hospitality of black car service at a fraction of the price by sharing the ride.

Travel around this beautiful city with ease and comfort by booking a maxi cab Perth for your group trip. Call or go online today to schedule your next maxi taxi transport from the leading provider in Perth – Maxi Taxi Services.

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