Baby Capsule Hire Perth

Reliable Baby Capsule Taxi for Stress-Free Travel in Perth

Travelling with an infant is much smoother when you have the right baby capsule. At Maxi Taxi Services, we offer premium baby capsule taxi in Perth so you can travel around the city or to/from the airport with ease. Our child seat taxis include top safety-tested capsules to keep your little one secure and comfortable on the go.

As a parent, if you’re traveling to Perth with an infant or toddler you would know how important it really is to make all the arrangements for your baby to have a comfortable and restful traveling experience. To ensure that your kid is well protected and safe during the travel to Perth you must have a baby capsule. However, if you don’t have one, don’t worry at all.

Now you can easily hire a  baby capsule in Perth and travel around the city and surrounding suburbs with peace of mind. Our baby capsules are 100% safe and approved by government bodies that ensure that your baby will be safe and protected throughout the journey to Perth.

Reliable Perth Taxi with Car Seat

Travel stress-free in Perth with Maxi Taxi Services’ baby capsule and child seat equipped taxis. Our experienced drivers ensure correct installation and usage of your child’s restraint for complete safety and legal compliance. Wide range of infant capsules and toddler seats available. Book your safe family taxi trip today!

Baby Capsule Perth | Baby Taxi Perth

Book Taxi With Baby Seat For Perth Airport Trips

Travelling with infants can be challenging, but Maxi Taxi Services makes airport transfers easy through our taxi service equipped with baby capsules and toddler seats. We understand how difficult it is to juggle luggage and child gear, so let us handle the child restraint for you.

Our range of capsules and seats meets safety standards for children from newborn to age 4. Our experienced drivers will help select and properly install the appropriate seat for your child prior to pickup. We take the stress out of travelling with little ones by providing a licensed, pre-fitted baby seat taxi to safely transport your family to and from Perth Airport.

Maxi Taxi Services differs from standard taxi companies – we offer personalized service, meeting you at the arrival gate with a child restraint already fitted in our comfortable taxi. After long hours of flying, relax and let us conveniently transport you and your children. Our affordable fares complement the premium service.

For safe, legal and stress-free travel with your infant or toddler, trust Maxi Taxi Services Perth for airport transfers with baby capsule or child seat provided. Focus on your children while our drivers focus on your family’s seamless transportation needs. Contact us today to pre-book your baby seat taxi.

Why Hire a Baby Capsule in Perth with Maxi Taxi Services

  • Convenience – No need to bring your own capsule when travelling. Ours are ready to go when you are.
  • Safety Certified – Our capsules meet Australian safety standards for your peace of mind.
  • Airport Transfers – Avoid hassles by hiring a capsule for easy airport pick-ups/drop-offs.
  • Taxi Travel – Capsules stay securely in taxis without difficult installations.
  • Cleaning – Capsules are sanitized after every rental for your baby’s health.
  • Age Appropriate – We offer infant capsules designed specifically for newborns and babies up to 6-12 months old.
  • Easy Booking – Book online, by phone, or through your hotel concierge.
  • Experienced Drivers – Our taxi drivers are trained to handle capsules and infants with care.
  • Stress-Free Travel– Travelling is so much easier when you can hire a top-quality baby capsule. You can focus on your baby rather than logistics. Our infant capsules enable safe positioning, comfort and the ability to sleep soundly on the go.
  • Convenience – Capsule hire allows you to avoid bringing your own baby seat on the plane. Many hire companies offer delivery direct to your accommodation.
  • Cost Effective – Hiring a capsule for your Perth trip is very affordable, especially compared to fines for not having one or paying for taxis/Maxi Taxis equipped with baby seats.

How to Hire a Baby Capsule in Perth

Booking your baby capsule with maxi taxi services takes just minutes:

  • Using website– Use our website by filling out the request form on our website and mention that you need a child seat and we will arrange it for you.
  • Phone Call – Simply call us at: (+61) 412 585 657 and we will arrange a child seat for your little ones.

What Sets Our Capsules Apart

At Maxi Taxi Services, we take infant safety seriously. Our baby capsule rentals feature:

  • Five-point harness securing your baby comfortably and safely.
  • Rear-facing only design ideal for newborns and babies.
  • Impact absorbing liners and construction.
  • Breathable fabrics and supportive padding.
  • Easy to clean surfaces.
  • Carry handles so you can transport your sleeping baby with ease.
  • Canopy, boot cover and other accessories.
  • Installs securely in our taxis and stays in place during transport.

Travelling by Taxi with an Infant Capsule in Perth

Travelling around Perth by taxi with a baby in an infant capsule keeps your little one secure while allowing convenient, hands-free transport. Maxi Taxi Services provides a taxi with baby capsule service taking the hassle out of getting around with bubs.

  • Wide range of capsules – We offer various infant capsule models to suit newborns to toddlers up to 18kg.
  • Easy booking – Our friendly team handles all bookings for your baby seat equipped taxi trips.
  • Capsule fitted prior – Your chosen capsule will already be professionally installed upon taxi arrival.
  • Airport transfers – We accommodate baby capsule airport pickups and drop-offs. No lugging seats!
  • Door-to-door service – Your driver will safely escort you between destinations.
  • Car seat experts – Our experienced drivers ensure secure installation and usage.
  • Peace of mind – Our Maxi Taxis undergo regular checks and cleanings for passenger health and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a baby need a car seat in a taxi in Perth?

yes, travelling by taxi in Perth does legally require infants and toddlers to be in a baby capsule, car seat or booster seat. Taxis like Maxi Taxi will supply and fit the appropriate seat to ensure the child’s safety during the journey.

Do baby seats taxis keep my baby safe?

Maxi Taxi Services ensures excellent child safety in Perth taxis through proper installation of quality baby seats suitable for infants to toddlers. Our experienced drivers will help select and fit the right restraint for your child’s protection.

How do I transport my baby with specific needs?

Maxi Taxi Services caters to each child’s needs, offering a range of capsules and seats – including options for small babies or children with special requirements. Our experienced drivers will ensure the optimal restraint is properly installed for a safe, seamless taxi journey tailored to your family.